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Best Google Chrome Alternatives and Compatibility


Google Chrome



In this article, we will define for you Chrome alternatives and you know about that the Chrome alternative Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge. And another thing is the there Compatibility.

You know everything about the Google Chrome this is the most used browser in the world. And the current share of the Google Chrome is something like as the 60%. It has the powerful features and fast browsing. The first choice of the user is the Google Chrome. If you want more information about this alternative then you will contact us on the Chrome Customer Support Number

The best Alternative of the Google Chrome


2- Opera

3- Safari

4- Microsoft Edge

They are the very popular alternative of the Google chrome. They are very usable and have the best features and more powerful and reliable.

Mozilla Firefox:

If we are talking about the Mozilla Firefox then Mozilla has really deserved the position of the Chrome alternative because this is same with the interface and that is big browser just like as the chrome. This has the amazing features and light weighting. You can open lots of tab in the Mozilla Firefox just like as the Chrome. This has the very supportable Extensions and usable. When you restart your browser then this saved you details. And another one is Compatibility of the Mozilla Firefox In Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.


The opera is the other types of the browser and this is small and very comfort browser but we are talking about this alternative then this is similar just like as the Chrome. There is you easily find the many features and looking for a similar experience. Opera is something like based on the fast navigations compare to the Firefox. If we talking about the compatibility of the Opera then this Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS.


The safari browser is the best browser and you are using this on the Apple Mac, basically, this depends on you because this is your choice browser. This browser is made for the apple and apple supportable. Safari is not just like the Google but this the big fan of the Google and other is Compatibility of the Safari browser in the Mac OS X and iOS.

Microsoft Edge:

This browser is the latest browser and this is made by the Microsoft. If we are talking about this then this is the good alternative to chrome browser. If you face any technical problem related to this then you can easily visit us on the http://chromesupport.net/solve-google-chrome-errors/ 

Basic Gmail issues with Microsoft outlook



If you are using Gmail support in your Outlook account you might have faced several issues like slow Outlook, Outlook not working right, unable to send or receive email, many times email is missing, and folders are missing. Let’s go through these issues and their fixes: http://gmailsupport.co/gsuit-gmail-for-business/


  1. Email stops to send or receive emails:


If you using Gmail in your Outlook and your email has stopped sending and receiving emails then you should know following steps into consideration: 

        Your outlook will stop sending and receiving emails if you have reached your email sending limits. 

        You have to move a lot of emails to solve such an issue. 

        You have to send “ALL MAILS” and “IMPORTANT” to local PST file. 

        Also, the sent items too will have to be moved to local PST file. 

        If you have cleaned up all three folders then it will make your Outlook work as earlier. 

  1. IMAP constantly synchronizes:

Gmail uses a platform IMAP which is really a great platform to have your email synch. When you start to have email upload, the folders in your Outlook stops synchronizing easy and nice. You can see the synchronizing at the bottom of the Outlook. This is the starting phrase of the issue. You can fix such an issue by following steps: 

     More email and larger your attachments are the longer synchronizing take for outlook to sync with the Gmail server. 

     To fix it you need to move all larger emails to local PST Files. 

     Remove some IMAP folders from being subscribed by Outlook. 

     By doing this your Gmail will work well on outlook. 


  1. Outlook does not support Gmail apps Sync tools:

    If you are using outlook as the platform and Gmail as a server to read the email, then you can download and install the Google app sync tool on your system to synchronize your email, contacts, and calendar within the Google app system. It's fine to use this tool with Gmail but you may face issues in synchronizing with the Google app sync tool. You can follow steps to fix this issue: 

        You can move from Google apps to Microsoft Exchange as it works perfectly with the Outlook. 

        You can also visit us at Outlook tech support to get more brief details. 

For more details contact us at Gmail Support Number

Common MS Excel Causes and Solutions


MS Office


Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet developed by the Microsoft for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS. It has the various features that are like calculation, pivot table and used for making graph, it can display the data as a line graph, histograms and charts and as well as 3-D graphical display. Excel is also used in many ways you can use this for solving the differential equation of mathematics but excel was not designed to be used as a database. Microsoft excel has also some common issue that can be cured very easily here I will discuss the solution or you can contact 

ms office 2007 tech support number executive to solve your query.


Here are the some of the common issue and there solution

ØSluggish opening

There is a very common issue that is associated with the Microsoft excel is its slow opening this mainly happens when your excel sheet has a lot of calculations in it this happens due to excel recalculate all the calculations then saves them.

ØAdded formulas

Formulas are a reference to the full column that creates performance issue in .xlsx format, this is due to the grown column in the latest version of the ms excel.

ØAdd-ins in your sheet

Some of the updated add ins that are added in your excel sheet that creates a problem when you open the sheet, then I will recommend you always use the latest version of the excel with the add ins, when you use the latest version then your system will run much faster. http://msofficesupportnumber.org/ms-office-support-number/ 

ØFormat and style

Excel supports many numbers of formats and styles, sometimes the slow opening issue can happen due to the error in the form of like different cell contains the different formatting, for example, the Microsoft excel 2010 has about 4000 styles and when you try this file to open in the Microsoft excel 2003.

ØHidden objects

There are very many chances of hidden data in your workbook this happens especially when you copy or paste the data from some application or website this hidden data can cause the performance issue so you have to find out the hidden object from the sheet and delete them.

These are the common issue that is associated with the MS excel if you face any other issue then you can contact the support team of Microsoft office, for the support number you can visit.